Tik Tok expands the beta version of the Stories feature

TikTok’s experience with Stories continues similar to Snapchat Stories, with the company rolling out the feature to a larger group of users.

The platform previously confirmed that the feature was under testing last summer. And if you get it, you’ll be greeted with a new banner when you launch the app encouraging you to create a story.

In a statement, the platform indicated that it is currently expanding the beta test that provides content creators with additional formats to bring their creative ideas to life for the TikTok community.

This statement does not say how many users are currently included in testing or what a future rollout of the feature might look like.

To post a story, click the Post button in the app’s bottom center navigation. Then, you can swipe to quick camera mode, which lets you post a photo or video to your story.

And you can also see the same blue circle on the user’s profile if you’re watching it. Clicking on the profile picture there also allows you to view the story. It also appears that Stories appear on the For You page.

As the publisher, you can see how many people have viewed your story. But unlike Instagram, you can’t see who viewed it.

And you can like a story and leave a general comment. While on Instagram, only commenters can reply to the publisher directly in a private message.

And it looks like it’s only a matter of time when the feature is officially rolled out to the platform’s entire user base. This is due to the popularity of Stories in other social media apps and the ongoing testing of the platform.

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