The best app to copy any text from websites for Android

Are you looking for the best application to copy texts from applications and sites that do not accept copying for Android? Want a program that copies the writing of websites and applications that do not accept copies for Android?

Welcome to the followers and viewers of the blog, your guide to professionalism. In this post, I present to you an application to solve the problem of copying texts in your Android phone from websites and copying them to your clipboard or sharing texts with ease and copying them in an orderly manner and with history with a large number of copies. Universal Copy supports all applications of any kind and provides you with the feature of copying from within the applications. For example, you can also copy personal messages and status messages for WhatsApp and other programs.

Universal Copy features:

Features transcription of personal messages and communication status.
The possibility of copying from within BBM channels BlackBerry.
Ability to copy Facebook status.
Copie from tumblr.
Copies from Instagram.
The ability to copy from within the Instagram application.
The ability to copy from within the Twitter application.
Copying non-copyable texts.

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