Strix VPN

About : STRIX VPN APK it is one of the most downloaded applications in the field of VPN, as it has achieved more than 50 million downloads with positive reviews, as it is one of the best VPN programs for Android with a very simple user interface.

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What is a VPN? Do I need one ?

Let’s ask the important question first: What is a VPN? A virtual private network (VPN) as defined by Wikipedia, is a network that creates a private network within a public network, such as the Internet, and allows the user to send and receive data within shared or public networks as if their device is directly connected to that private network.

In simpler terms, a virtual private network is a network, but a virtual network means that it creates a virtual bridge between the user and the server located somewhere across the world, and this network is private because to connect the connection with it you must have an account and password.

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