Microsoft updates its services to be hybrid-ready

Microsoft has announced an update to Outlook, Times, and PowerPoint to be ready for hybrid, remote, and office-ready work.

And the software giant was one of the first to warn other companies that the pandemic was changing work habits. Two years later the company embraced telecommuting in its products and in practice regarding how and where its employees get to work.

As more companies return to offices and consider a combination of remote and desktop work, Microsoft updated Outlook to make it easier to know if colleagues plan to attend meetings in person.

The new Outlook RSVP feature appears in public preview in the web version of Outlook in Q2, allowing meeting attendees to decide whether they are joining in virtual or in person.

Once people participate in a Thames meeting, there are a variety of improvements coming in to better accommodate remote participants.

And imagine taking notes in a Thames meeting and then transcribing those notes into an email. But the notes keep updating as other people edit them inside emails and times.

After the Loop components appeared in Thames in January, the Loop components are now making their way to Outlook. It links together the company’s main communications tools.

And corporate corporate work wouldn’t be complete without some improvements to PowerPoint. The new Recording Studio and Cameo features in PowerPoint are now combined together.

And Cameo lets you integrate the Thames Camera into your PowerPoint slide deck. While Recording Studio lets you record yourself speaking to any slide. Both are designed to improve the meeting experience for remote colleagues, and the kit is available in the second quarter.

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