BMW teases its upcoming i7 electric car

In a few weeks, BMW plans to unveil its latest electric car, the BMW i7 luxury sedan. But before that, the German automaker offers a few teaser images, some interesting specs, and confirmation that this electric car has a massive kidney-shaped grille.

The grille is an integral part of the automaker’s identity. This is how you know that BMW is BMW. As a result, it makes sense for the company to include it in its upcoming electric vehicles, even though the car lacks an under-hood engine that needs cooling.

The company claims that the BMW i7’s front grille has been completely reinterpreted to achieve a modern, distinctive look. The grille is defined by a narrow band of exclusive LED crystal glass, which helps it stand out and attract more attention.

It should be noted that the company has come under a lot of harsh criticism lately on social media for its continued expansion of the classic kidney grille.

The German company has a range of new electric cars that are supposed to be released in the next few years.

The company aims to have 50 percent of its sales be electric cars by 2030. The company is developing an all-electric version of the 5 Series in addition to the X1 Series.

Earlier this year, the company revealed the production of the iX3, the all-electric version of the best-selling X3. This means that all of the company’s most popular cars come in all-electric versions.

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